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From Tilburg to London

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It has been a while since I wrote on this blog, but a lot has changed for me lately. I have moved from the Netherlands to the UK due to my husband's new job and within a year we will be moving again to the San Francisco Bay Area in the US. So yes, a lot of excitement for us in the near future! This also means I've made some changes to this website. If you are one of my old clients from the Netherlands, you might have noticed some language changes due to my emigration. And if you are a potential new client from the UK or even the US, you might have noticed I recently popped up all of a sudden in your search results. Whoever you are: Welcome (back) to my website and blog! I will start writing new content on this blog every now and then and I've kept some of my older Dutch articles which are still viewed a lot. The topics I will write about as an experienced professional makeup artist vary from product favourites, tutorials, tips and tricks as well as product recommendations for various skin types and conditions. I hope you will visit my blog once in a while and if you've got any questions I'm happy to answer them via email

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