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Makeup: Summer Favourites

August is almost over, fall is not too far away, so time for some makeup favourites! I write these kind of articles to inform my readers about the possibilities of a makeup product, and do not care so much for the brand new products every time. If I find something which I like, I will write about it. Primer - Illamasqua Matte Veil Primer

Illamasqua Matte Veil

Some people believe in them, some don't, but I do use primers if I think it will help. This one is a true gem for people with oily skin. It smells like a subtle vanilla pudding and even feels like that, but once applied on the skin it's undetectable when applied in a thin layer. It is a mattifying cream-gel formula and it helps makeup last longer and provides the skin with a matte finish. I apply this primer with fingers.

Skincare/primer - Bioderma Sébium Pore Refiner

Bioderma Sébium Pore Refiner

Lovely product for people with large pores and oily skin. It does feel light on the skin, fills in pores and improves skin texture overall. I like to apply this only on areas with larger pores or visible skin texture. I use this after skincare and/or primer most of the time, because I use this more as a porefiller than anything else.

I apply this with fingers and press it into the skin. Foundation - Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation

Oh Lord, This is such a nice foundation! I am really picky with foundations, because I'm always looking for that undetectable natural finish, for my professional kit and for myself as well. This foundation gives light coverage (but buildable), is long-lasting, gives the skin a subtle healthy glow and has no SPF in it. And the best of it all: It's suitable for most skin types, even slightly oily! The shade range is a bit small, I hope they do extend in the near future. I apply this foundation with a brush or sponge and sometimes set it with a bit of loose powder, depending on the skin type.

Foundation - Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation

Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation

This foundation is again a foundation which gives skin-realism. It is lightweight, gives good coverage (not cakey!), is longlasting, has no SPF and has 26 colours to choose from with a variety of undertones. I use these foundations if there's more coverage needed. Prep your skin well (exfoliate and hydrate) if you have dry skin. I apply this foundation with a brush mostly to buff it into the skin and sometimes set it with a bit of loose powder, depending on the skin type.

Eyeliner - Illamasqua Precision Gel Liner

Illamasqua Precision Gel Liner

Yes, a lot of Illamasqua this time, but this eyeliner is my new holygrail liner. You know, when your liner transfers to areas you don't want it to transfer to? Not with this one! For a long time I used a mixing medium to ensure the longevity of gel liners applied on the skin, but since I use this one, I just apply it as it is. I even went to Illamasqua to ask what's in there and why it performs so well, but the employee couldn't tell me. All I know is that it's perfectly black, very long lasting, creamy (doesn't dry out) and is also very easy to remove. All I've been looking for! That's it for this time. If you know of a product which you think I need to try, leave it in the comments or email me at

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